We will like to put together some information and idea when we grow ourselves, We’d like to share it with you and we will like to grow with you together.

Our Philosophy

Unlike many of those Expert or celebrity blog,they only share when they already hit to a certain successful point, We share the journey that you can relate and can be part of the journey!

Our Mision

Creates Positive IMPACT in The World By Helping People LOOK and FEEL YOUNG Whiile Empowering Each Other to Unleash OUR Protential

Our Team


Jerry Zheng
Jeunesse Global

Independent Jeunesse Distributor

Andria is registered nutritionist and fitness trainer with over 7 years of experience in Internet marketing,focus on health, fitness, and Skin care!


Sarah Way
Lead Designer

Sarah Way is the engine that keeps projects moving forward at Major Team. She works closely with our clients and production team to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.


Janette Stan
Head of Development

Janette Stan is a specialist of Python, PHP and WordPress Developer. She’s a best out here in the forge of Development and probably in the whole company.

We like to think we’ve put together something pretty special here at Major Themes – an agile group of expert designers, marketers, and developers with a shared commitment to communication, collaboration, and doing good work.

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